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Choosing the Right Mattress

When you are thinking about the purchase of a new mattress, there are some things to consider.

You need a bed that is wide enough to fit you comfortably giving you room to move freely during the night. We turn between forty and sixty times a night and having the correct size mattress will accommodate this movement without you waking up.


Try the following test to judge the appropriate amount of support. Lie on your back and slide your flat hand under the small of your back. Too firm a mattress and your hand will move freely and too soft a mattress and you will not be able to get your hand underneath. A properly supportive mattress will allow your hand to fit snugly between the small of your back and your mattress and this will allow your back and spine to rest in its natural “s” shape.

Comfort and Firmness

You don’t have to sleep on a “hard as a board” mattress for it to be good for you. Today’s sleep technology allows for a comfortable, supportive mattress that gives you a plush feel on top but provides the necessary body support in the foundation.


Nothing lasts forever so like all products, mattresses and foundations will eventually wear out. You will not get the same comfort and support as when you first purchased your mattress set. For this reason you should evaluate your mattress at least two times a year.


A mattress is engineered to work together with its matching foundation. Putting a new mattress with an unmatched foundation, putting a new mattress on an old foundation or placing a board between the two pieces can change the comfort level of the mattress and also reduce the useful life of both the mattress and its foundation.


Your mattress and foundation is an investment in your health. You’ll be spending at least one-third of your life sleeping on it so purchase a quality product made with all new materials. Don’t shop based on the lowest price, but shop for the best value for your dollar. You should plan on spending the most that you can afford on this investment.